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NA-64: Runner up candidates decide to challenge elections results

Some of the runner up candidates says Qaisra Elahi, who was backed by the PTI, is winner of NA-64.



NA-64: Runner up candidates decide to challenge elections results
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Gujrat: All the runner-up candidates from NA-64, Gujrat, decided to challenge the election results before the competent forum.

All the runner candidates including TLP leader Abdul Karim, PTI backed Qaisra Elahi who is the wife of former Punjab Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi, Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan candidate Raja Sajid Sharif made this statement in a joint press conference in Gujrat on Tuesday.

“We were not shown any ballot except the postal ballot,” said the runner up candidates.  Qaira Elahi said that they [] managed all the things within just three to four days.

She said, “my votes are approximately around 150,000,”.

She said that they heard about the difference of thousands of votes but never heard the big difference of hundreds and thousands of votes.

Qaisra announced to approach the court against the elections results.

TLP leader Abdul Karim said they were forced to visit the RO office again and again and they never saw such level of rigging ever.

He also announced to challenge the election results, saying that all the runner up candidates received the similar form 45.

“We will not accept these results. Sister Qaisra has won the seat,” he added.

Another PP candidate’s lawyer said that the RO expressed their helplessness. He said they requested the relevant officials to seal all the bags.

Markazi Muslim League leader was of the view that massive rigging was done in this election.

Rana Sajid Sharif, the JI leader, said, “The whole election is a fraud. The candidate at number three was got elected.

“Bibi Qaisra Elahi won in this election. It is a fraud election and the same happened across the country,” he added.