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Riots among students in Kyrgyzstan

Pakistani female students are also being harassed, on which Pakistani students have become concerned



Riots among students in Kyrgyzstan
Riots among students in Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek: There has been a commotion among the local and foreign students of Bishkek—the capital of Kyrgyzstan—in which Pakistani students have also been hit.

According to unconfirmed reports, three Pakistani students have been killed in the attacks of protesters, however, no deaths have been reported as yet.

The angry Kyrgyz students attacked and vandalized the hostels of Pakistani youths. Pakistani female students are also being harassed, on which Pakistani students have become concerned.

Some students told media that boys and girls have been tortured in the hostel, the students have also complained of non-cooperation from the Pakistan Embassy.

A Pakistani medical student in Bishkek, told a private new channel that the dispute started due to the harassment of the Egyptian students by the Kyrgyz students.

According to him, riots broke out after Egyptian students reacted against Kyrgyz students and they started attacking foreign students all over Bishkek.

Videos of rioters torturing students in Bishkek are going viral on social media, but there is no confirmation about them.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Saturday turned to X and wrote: "Kyrgyz government has confirmed that there is no death of Pakistani students in the recent mob violences against International students".

Moreover, Kyrgyz Ministry of International Affairs has also issued press releases stating that the situation is under control, they added.

The statement of the head of the internal affairs department of Bishkek city has come out on the issue of violence against foreign students in Bishkek.

The head of Bishkek city interior affairs said that the report of death in the fight on May 13 is false.

According to Kyrgyz media, the head of internal affairs stated that on May 13, there was a fight between local and foreign students in the hostel of Bodiuni in Bishkek. Later, three foreigners involved in the fight were detained.

He added that the local students protested against the incident of May 13 on the evening of May 17 in Choi Kermanjan Dutka area and demanded action against the foreigners involved in the dispute.

According to Kyrgyz media, the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate asked the protesters to end the protest, while the detained foreigners later apologized, but the protesters refused to disperse and more people began to gather.

According to local media reports, several people were detained for violating public order in view of the danger of the demonstration becoming violent. Later, the protesters dispersed after negotiations with the head of the federal police.