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Taliban contingent meets Pakistani officials in Doha

Doha: A delegation of Taliban led by the group's Political Chief, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai held a meeting with the envoys of Pakistan, the United Kingdom (UK) and Germany in Doha, Qatar. 



Taliban contingent meets Pakistani officials in Doha
Taliban contingent meets Pakistani officials in Doha

The spokesman of the Taliban Suhail Shaheen shared the details of the meeting in a Twitter post. He highlighted the talks between Sher Mohammad Abbas and Pakistani Ambassador to Qatar Syed Ahsan Raza Shah.

“Both sides discussed the current Afghan situation, humanitarian assistance, bilateral relations based on mutual interest and respect, reconstruction of Afghanistan and issues related to facilitating people’s movement at Torkhan and Spinboldak,” the spokesman wrote.

Moreover, the Taliban the delegation sought assistance in the rehabilitation of Kabul Airport in their meeting with the German Ambassador Markus Potzel. The two sides also discussed the dilapidated humanitarian condition of Afghans and emphasized bilateral cooperation to reinvigorate the life of Afghans.

Simultaneously, in the meeting held with the UK’s delegation, both sides discussed the political, security and reforming the lives of the people of Afghanistan.

“The UK delegation reiterated that they had already increased their humanitarian assistance and was ready to cooperate with IEA in future as well.”

Following the fall of Kabul, Pakistan is dealing with an influx of Afghan refugees. However, the Taliban haven’t announced their government yet.