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National economy can’t progress on loans: Khawaja Asif

The Defence Minister says the discussions were held with the UAE and Saudi Arabia regarding investments in Pakistan.



National economy can’t progress on loans: Khawaja Asif
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Sialkot: Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that the national economy would progress not on loans but on investments.

Khawaja Asif expressed gratitude for the hospitality extended by Saudi Arabia.

He was talking to the reporters after offering Eid prayers in Sialkot on Wednesday.

The minister remarked that what they needed is not loans but investments, which would yield immediate results in the various sectors.

He mentioned that discussions were also held with the UAE and Qatar.

“The economy will not rely on loans but on investments,” said the minister.

The Defence Minister also said that the country's economy would undergo a transformation. The stock market had seen an upward trend in history. The IMF package being received might not be needed in the future. He came down hard upon the PTI founder was so clever. The founder of PTI, he said, had asked the overseas Pakistanis from sending investments, but despite that, the foreign remittances arrived.

Speaking about Palestine, he said that Palestine should not be forgotten. The conscience of countries like America, Britain and European nations, he said, is asleep.

Khawaja Asif said that Muslim world is also needed to evaluate its own actions as one the one hand, Palestinians are facing oppression and the other hand, the Muslims ummah is silent.