Hira Mani mugged at doorstep in Karachi

Hira Mani got mugged at gun point in Karachi Hira Mani got mugged at gun point in Karachi

Karachi: Acclaimed Pakistani actress Hira Mani and her kids has reportedly got mugged at gunpoint in broad daylight outside her house in Karachi, highlighting the poor law and order situation in the country’s financial hub.

Actress and his son were sitting in a car in front of her residence when two armed motorcyclists approached them and deprived them of her expensive mobile phones and cash.

Both the robbers dressed in a traditional ‘shalwar kameez’ left soon after stealing.

The CCTV footage of the actress and her children being robbed is going viral and has created a fear among social media users.

In the footage two gunmen could clearly be seen snatching something from Hira, who was in the driving seat of her car.

At the time of incident, both of Hira’s sons were also present at the scene. However, no one was injured in the robbery.

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Hira Mani is a well-known actress and performer in Pakistan's entertainment industry and appeared in a number of popular drama series. She recently appeared in the drama "Mohabbatein, Chahatain".

Hira Mani is the wife of Pakistani actor Salman Saqib aka Mani.

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