MPA Jugnu Mohsin survives assassination attempt, FIR registered

The convoy of Punjab Assembly member Jugnu Mohsin was attacked in Hujra Shah Muqeem—area of ​​Okara, while all the members of the cavalcade including the MPA were safe.

Jugnu Mohsin along with other members of the convoy survived the attack.

A case of an attack on Jugnu Mohsin's has been registered on the complaint of Hafiz Irfan Hussain.

According to the FIR registered in Hujra Shah Muqeem police station, MPA Jugnu Mohsin was going to Jhajh Kalan to attend the meeting when Yasin and 6 unidentified accused attacked her near Hujra Moor.

The FIR said that two accused were equipped with firearms and two with sticks while two were carrying stones.

The complaint alleges that the suspects fired shots that did not hit the vehicle, but an assailant smashed the windshield with a stick.

According to the FIR, unidentified persons had said on social media that “if Jugnu Mohsin came here she would be killed”.

Police, on the other hand, arrested two accused Mukhtar and Sultan.

Remember that Jugnu Mohsin has been a journalist while she is the wife of Najam Sethi. Jugnu Mohsin has been elected as an independent member of the Punjab Assembly from constituency PP-184 Okara-2.

On June 4, Jugnu Mohsin had submitted a resolution in the Punjab Assembly, condemning attacks on journalists and rights activists in the country.

Speaking in the assembly, she revisited the history of violence against the media persons, saying “What is happening to journalists and rights activists here is nothing new. We have fought long and hard for whatever little freedom we enjoy,” she said.

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