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Shahbaz Fayyaz Qawwal releasing 'Ishq De Rang'

The song is sung by both brothers Shahbaz Fayyaz Qawwal and female singer Sanam Marvi



Shahbaz Fayyaz Qawwal releasing 'Ishq De Rang'
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Art is something that Pakistan has embraced so elegantly. Our country is filled with talented artists who are yet to be recognized. Music, Qawwalis, and other melodies are what pour essence into our ordinary lives.

Mellifluous voices are a blessing and our country is utterly blessed in such terms. The fine art of Qawwali has again gained popularity in Pakistan from decades. An utter masterpiece is recently launched by Shahbaz Fayyaz Qawwal (Baddomalhi Walay), named Ishq de rang. The teaser to the song gave us chills.

A long journey is covered by Shahbaz Fayyaz Qawwal, the brothers have embraced Qawwali the Sufi Islamic devotional singing. One of such emerging singers, with amazing intensity in their voices. Their vocals are beyond perfect, the way they vocalize all feelings in a magnificent tone is truly going to play a part in their success. 

The Qawwali “Bol Kaffara” drew people’s attention to Shahbaz Fayyaz and everybody fell in love with more of their masterpieces. Both the brothers take you on a beautiful journey through their profound voices in ‘Ishq De Rang’. The melodic creations make the intensity top.

This one is doubtlessly the qawwali you will tune in on repeat. The music and the lyrics will have their way straight to your heart. Make sure to listen to this melodious qawwali and you won’t regret any bit of it.

This piece of music will be the best Shahbaz Fayyaz have created till now, the song is sung by brothers Shahbaz Fayyaz Qawwal and  female singer Sanam Marvi. It is now available free at digital stores.

Full song -- which is composed by Shahbaz Fayyaz Qawwal and written by Fatima Najeeb -- can be listened on 4K