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New deadly virus emerges in India 

Alert issued in India after two deaths from emerging Nipah Virus.



New deadly virus emerges in India 
GNN Media: Representational Photo

India is on high alert following the confirmation of two deaths attributed to the Nipah virus.

The southern state of Kerala reported the recent fatalities, with one occurring earlier this month and the second on August 30, according to foreign media sources.

The deceased individuals had both tested positive for the Nipah virus, bringing the total number of deaths linked to this virus in Kerala to four since 2018, as reported by local media.

The Nipah virus, classified by the World Health Organization as an animal-borne virus, can also be transmitted through contaminated food and from infected individuals.

This virus is particularly concerning as it can cause severe brain damage and has a high mortality rate, with no known cure or vaccine at present.

In response to the situation, the Indian Health Minister has dispatched a team of experts to Kerala to monitor and manage the outbreak.

Kerala's Health Minister reported that 168 individuals who had been in contact with the two deceased patients are also undergoing testing for the virus as a precautionary measure.