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'The Legend of Maula Jatt' earns nomination at American stunt awards

The blockbuster movie 'The Legend of Maula Jatt' was released in October 2022.



'The Legend of Maula Jatt' earns nomination at American stunt awards
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Karachi: Pakistan's blockbuster action film, 'The Legend of Maula Jatt,' which stormed the cinemas in October 2022, has garnered international recognition.

The film has been nominated for the prestigious 'Taurus World Stunt Award' in the category of 'Best Fight Scene.'

The Taurus World Stunt Awards, renowned for acknowledging outstanding stunt work in the global film industry, has shortlisted a gripping fight sequence from Bilal Lashari's 'The Legend of Maula Jatt' for this coveted category.

The climactic battle features Maula Jatt and Noori Naat, portrayed brilliantly by Fawad Khan and Hamza Abbasi.

Under the expert supervision of stunt master Ian Van Temperley, this memorable scene captivated audiences with its intense action and choreography.

Notably, the film faces competition from other renowned movies such as 'Every Thing Everywhere All At Once' and 'The Gray Man' in this category.

The Taurus World Stunt Awards have previously honored Hollywood blockbusters like 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,' 'Kingsman,' 'Fast and Furious 6,' 'Inception,' and 'Avengers' for their exceptional stunt work.

'The Legend of Maula Jatt,' upon its release in October 2022, made waves globally, setting new records and securing its place as Pakistan's highest-grossing film.