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Pneumonia claims seven more lives in Punjab

Punjab records 13460 cases, while Lahore alone reports 3020 cases during the current season.  



Pneumonia claims seven more lives in Punjab
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Lahore:  Pneumonia claimed seven more lives in different parts of Punjab, the health officials said on Friday.  

The sources said that one child lost his life within the last 24 hours in Lahore due to Pneumonia.

They said that 180 new cases also emerged in Lahore owing to the prevalent virus.  On the other hand, Punjab recorded 13460 cases, while Lahore alone reported 3020 cases during this period.

The deadly virus claimed approximately 300 lives across the province, with hundreds of infants currently undergoing treatment in various hospitals for chest infection.

The experts believe that pneumonia cases increased due to combinations of factors which included smog, dry conditions and cold weather. Main factors behind the flow in pneumonia cases identified by health experts included smog and air pollution.

What is Pneumonia?

An infection in lungs defines pneumonia, initially triggered by viral infections, and the disease mainly infects the young children especially those under the age of five.